Tinderbox Fest has been organised by the Tinderbox Project in collaboration with Ten Tracks, Roots Music Showcase and Hidden Door Arts Collective. The festival is something of a celebration of 2 years of the Tinderbox Project, and we hope it will be an inspiring celebration of Edinburgh’s artistic community, with young people at it’s heart.  We would like to say a HUGE thanks to all of the bands, musicians, artists, organisations and individuals who have got involved and offered their support to make it possible.

We would also like to thank Creative Scotland, Scotland Unltd Social Enterprise Fund, and the Daisy Chain Trust for their financial support for the various community projects that sit at the heart of this festival.

Tinderbox Project


Bringing together young people and professionals from around the city, the Tinderbox Project is a vibrant mix of orchestras, bands, artists, voices, colours and cultures. We provide a range of workshops, programmes and public events, aiming to inspire young people and involve them in the exciting contemporary arts scene in Edinburgh. Our vision is a cultural landscape in which young people have a place and a voice, and where their views, experiences and ideas are listened to and valued by society.

What We Do

We use music and the arts to achieve positive social change and create far-reaching and accessible opportunities for young people. The three main areas we focus on are:

• Access and inclusivity in youth arts

• Work experience and professional development for young people in the arts

• High-quality arts projects and events led by young people.

This combination of areas is unique to Tinderbox. It allows us to create direct links between the strands of our work so that young people of all backgrounds can access high-quality, inspiring and far-reaching opportunities in the arts.  

For more info, see www.tinderboxproject.co.uk

Tinderbox Project is a registered Scottish Charity SC042825.

Alchemy Arts


Alchemy Arts initiates and provides socially inclusive and environmentally aware art projects. Our workshops and community projects use recycled resources to transform perceptions of ourselves and our environment through the transformation of materials. We use art, music, storytelling and performance to encourage creativity in a fun and accessible atmosphere. Alchemy Arts aims to:

* Divert waste from landfill
* Create socially inclusive art projects
* Facilitate urban regeneration
* Inspire the creative transformation of materials, spaces and people.

Ten Tracks


Ten Tracks is proud to co-programme Tinderbox Fest!  Hosting tracks from over 450 artists from Scotland and globally, chosen by some of UK’s foremost tastemakers, we provide local help for emerging Scottish artists to develop their work and profile.  We also secure valuable exposure for established artists from UK and internationally, to our Scottish gig-going mailing list and wider social network.  Our downloads and events present established artists alongside emerging ones.  This is why the press like us.  We also use the live setting to find new artists.  If your make good tracks, you don’t need to be ‘signed’ to be released on Ten Tracks.

Hidden Door


Hidden Door is an Edinburgh-based, not-for-profit collective for established and emerging artists working in Scotland.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide a platform for collaboration, development of practice, discussion and debate.
  • Create works with cultural resonance.
  • Engage audiences with a variety of art forms in new ways.

We do this by running a year-round programme of innovative cross-arts experiences and events.

Roots Music Showcase

The Roots Music Showcase presents a veritable cornucopia of acts as part of the Tinderbox Festival. Featuring performances from some of our finest exponents of roots music from the Highlands and Islands to the Mississippi Delta – including: blues, folk, gypsy swing, jazz, Celtic fiddle tunes, gospel, bluegrass and more. There will also be a chain-gang workshop offering the audience a unique opportunity to participate in and learn about this unusual, and extinct, style of singing.  See the line up for the festival here


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