Matt Norris and the Moon

Edinburgh-based folky band, with trumpets, fiddles, accordions and 4-part harmonies.  Their music is influenced by traditional Scottish Folk, as well as the more contemporary folk coming out of Edinburgh, Glasgow and London at the moment. It’s sometimes lively and upbeat sometimes haunting but it’s characterised by tight four, sometimes five part harmonies, energetic acoustic guitar rhythms, trumpet riffs, driving double bass lines, as well as fiddle, mandolin, piano and accordion.


The Last of Barrett’s Privateers, Caro Bridges & the River, Neoviolet, Kitty the Lion, Chasing Owls, Last Battle, Kieran Thorpe, Al Shields & the Wilted Roses, Quickbeam, Aaron Wright & the Aprils, Hailey beavis, Hannah O’Reilly.


Matt Norris, Tom MacColl, Dave Law, Helen Cookson and Dale Birrell.

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