The Tinderbox Orchestra

The overall goal of the Tinderbox Orchestra is to do something new, creative and exciting with an orchestra. We aim to take an orchestra out of its conventionally classical shell and use the astonishing depth, variety and power that an orchestra offers to play alternative styles of music that are meaningful and inspiring to this generation of young people. The Tinderbox Orchestra uses a mix of traditional orchestral instruments (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion) and modern instruments such as drumkits, saxophones, guitars and electronic instruments. Young musicians and tutors come from all backgrounds, including rock, classical, jazz, folk and electronic music. We write original compositions, arrange and perform the music of contemporary artists such as Bjork, Jimmi Hendrix, Radiohead and collaborate with established bands and musicians, orchestrating their songs and performing alongside them. There is also a strong focus on collaborating across the arts to bring performances and events to life, leading us to create interesting and inspiring projects.

The Tinderbox Orchestra is part of The Tinderbox Project, providing inspiring education and opportunities for young people in the contemporary arts.

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“Edinburgh’s experimental youth orchestra is evolving into a spectacular modern band”… Guardian.

“Tinderbox Sparks an Orchestral Revolution”… Edinburgh Evening News.

“If this is the level of performance the Tinderbox Orchestra can create I predict bright and glittering delights on Edinburgh’s musical horizon”… Guardian

“Edinburgh’s contemporary youth orchestra avoids the classical repertoire and sticks instead to pieces by Bjork, Hendrix and Radiohead, as well as writing and arranging its own work – highly unusual behaviour for any orchestra, let alone one made of people between the ages of 13 and 21″… The List.